Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zalman Silber Sky Walk

As his successes multiply, serial entrepreneur Zalman Silber has branched out into other forms of family entertainment. Starting with the Skyride in New York and then the Australian version called Oztrek in Sydney, he one-ups himself by offering the incomparable Skywalk (formerly known as a SkyTour), the most exciting thing to do at the Sydney Tower. Just as he seemed to have reasoned of his New York Skyride, located at the Empire State Building, "People want to go to the observation deck in order to see the city as the birds do, so why not a virtual helicopter fly-over located at just the same place?" it seems that Zalman Silber has also reasoned, "People want to go to the observation deck of the Sydney Tower to see the city from the air - so why not let them out from behind the window to do just that?"

Crazy? That's the Zalman Silber SkyWalk in Sydney for you - an incredible experience like no other, where you are out in the open air, with no glass to separate you from the stunning view at almost a thousand feet up! Distant beaches and mountains hug the curvature of the earth before your eyes as you scan the horizon all around, the wind in your hair and your heart in your throat while safely thethered in special protective suits. Professional guides provide colorful commentary, and a photographer is on hand to record the whole experience for the purchase of souvenirs later on; no loose items are allowed due to obvious safety concerns.

And on account of safety, the minimum age for guests is ten years-old, with all visitors required to sign medical liability waivers beforehand. Wheelchair accessibility is available with prior notice of at least forty-eight hours. Lockers are available to accommodate small to medium-sized items, and rain coats are provided in cases of inclement weather. The sixty-five Australian dollar ticket covers the Skywalk as well as admission to the observation deck proper and Zalman Silber's other operation at the Sydney Tower, the Oztrek, a fifteen-minute IMAX-like experience incorporating motion seating for kinetic feedback synchronized with onscreen action. Immersive surround sound and a hundred and eighty-degree wraparound vista help tell the story of Australia's history and its national treasures.

But honestly, nothing can compare with the feeling of first stepping out onto the fully transparent glass floor of the Skywalk and looking straight down! That's probably the single biggest reaons why this attraction is such a success, probably the most exciting one of all in the whole of Sydney.

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